MS Center of the Shenandoah Valley

At Neurologic Associates treating patients with MS is our passion, striving to render this disease an inconvenience rather than a sentence of disability.
The treatment of MS has completely evolved in the 9 years from a choice of 3 injectable medications that often left patients feeling ill more than 100 days a year to a once a month infused agent (Tysabri) that reduces new MRI lesions by 97%! More recently 3 oral agents Tecfidera, Gilenya and Aubagio have come to market. These agents reducing new MRI lesions by 20-30% over injectable agents.

In 2007 Neurologic Associates was the only center in the valley or in all of Northern Virginia administering Tysabri to patients with relapsing MS. Many of those patients are 9 years out without a single exacerbation.

If you’re still using injectable agents to treat your MS... we need to talk!


-Dr. Landrio and staffs vast experience in treating over 200 patients with relapsing MS

-Our in office infusion center caters to our patients schedule and comfort as compared with competitors that farm out infusion to an outside company with little scheduling flexibility.

-Our infusion nurse Renee Thompson RN has extensive experience in oncology infusion, is our MS triage nurse and drug study coordinator.

-Our philosophy of not “sitting back and watching” but rather treating MS aggressively. A single new lesion is one too many!

-We see our MS patients frequently and can see them urgently in the setting of an exacerbation. If IV steroids are required they are done that day onsite.

ReneThompson, RN